Environmental Testing

Environmental testing services are provided for residential and commercial properties for all situations. If your home is being remodeled or there was a fire, water loss, or other event in your building Quality Aire, LLC will be able to test for asbestos, mold, carcinogens, bacteria, sewage, lead, VOCs, and anything that can be encountered in a building.

Many contractors and home owners may not be aware of asbestos being present and that can only be proven through environmental testing and sampling the building materials to find out what they are composed of. Many times asbestos can be found in materials that were overlooked like drywall texture, flooring mastic, vinyl flooring, ducting, insulation, and other common house hold materials. Regarding commercial properties all materials have to be tested regardless of age due to local and state regulations that must be followed by all contractors. Find out what is in your home before removing anything to avoid being put at risk!

Asbestos is only one of the major concerns in your home or business please call Quality Aire today with any questions on our environmental testing, inquiries on pricing, or to get scheduled.