Trauma & Death Cleanup

After years of training and experience with trauma cleanups, Quality Aire has developed a great concern and sensitivity when it comes to working with friends, family, or other parties involved in the cleanup. It’s our belief that we are not just providing a professional service but also helping ease the situation with care and concern. Our services are available 24/7 with differing rates applying for any after hours and weekend work.

Some concerns before having a cleanup performed by any company:

  1. Have all valuables or keepsakes removed from the room or notify the cleanup company to secure them for you!
  2. Understand that some materials or belongings may not be worth cleaning or can be cleaned.
  3. Removing the odor may take more time than just the initial clean up and requires not only cleaning but the use of equipment.
  4. File an insurance claim ASAP to find out if the work to be performed is covered! Don’t get stuck with a bill you might not be able to afford. Get an estimate before any work begins. Make sure the company hired is the right one for the situation and that they are willing to work with you or your insurance company.