Who Should Know How to Check for Asbestos?

by Cheney Hines

Asbestos is a very common building material that has been used in homes for many years. It is especially present in homes built before 1980, and can be found in everything from insulation to floor and ceiling tiles and even cement. It can become very dangerous if it dries and flakes. This can create fibers and particulates that can get into the air and can create many environmental and health problems.

How to Check for Asbestos

When asbestos becomes friable and escapes into the air, health concerns can surface. These issues often do not present until up to 30 years after initial exposure. This is because the fibers can hang in the air for lengthy periods of time and can remain in the body for years. Diseases from asbestos can include chronic respiratory ailments and even cancer.
It is important to note that not all asbestos poses a health risk. Only when it becomes dry and crumbles can it be a problem. In many cases, such as with ceiling and floor tiles, this will not be an issue, and these materials are often quite safe for the homeowner. In insulation, cement work and the like, however, asbestos can become brittle and pose health risks.

Identifying Asbestos

There are no “asbestos police