The Quality Aire Renewal Process and How We Are Different

by Cheney Hines

Renewal-ProcessAsbestos and lead are extremely dangerous substances to have in your home or place of business. Not only are they health nightmares, they are also major issues for insurers. When addressing problems such as these in buildings, you want only the best in an abatement company. The Quality Aire process will provide the most effective abatement of foreign substances, and provide peace of mind.

Asbestos and Lead

Asbestos and lead are both extremely dangerous materials. They can lead to any number of health problems, from metal poisoning to lung cancer and mesothelioma. These substances are responsible for thousands of deaths and hospitalizations every year but, unfortunately, are still found in the insulation and paint used in many older buildings.

Choosing the Right Company

When you choose an abatement company, you want one that is properly licensed and credentialed. Never be afraid to ask for licensing, certifications and references from any company with whom you talk. Make sure that every employee who works for the firm is trained, insured and properly credentialed.

Our Renewal Process

We have four decades of experience in asbestos and lead abatement, so we know exactly how to handle this process in the safest, most professional and friendly way. Our highly-trained and qualified workers can handle the complex and tricky task of getting rid of these toxic substances to make your building healthier and a better bet for insurance.

We will provide a professional demo service that will walk you through the entire renewal process so there are no surprises whatsoever. This renewal process will include:

  • An initial visit to the property to identify dangerous materials
  • Samples which will be laboratory-checked to determine severity
  • A detailed plan of action to locate and eliminate substances from the property
  • Careful monitoring of air quality during and after the process.

Demolition Services

If you are planning to demolish a building that contains toxic substances, our workers are certified and licensed to handle state-of-the-art technology and equipment to protect not only you, but your neighborhood from asbestos or lead in the air.

We follow a very specific and professional protocol to make sure that all environmental issues for removing and disposing of asbestos and lead are properly handled. Best of all, we can do this without busting your wallet.

Why We Are Different

Our sheer breadth of experience and professionalism sets us head and shoulders above our competitors. We are not a company that comes in, removes chemicals and leaves. We will work with you every step of the way to keep you in the loop during the process. You will understand the entire procedure from going over our plan of action, and you can always rest assured that we will deliver the best in customer service and quality in a systematic and safe way.

If you have issues with asbestos or lead in your building, waiting to have it removed is dangerous. A qualified abatement company should be brought in immediately. Feel free to give us a call today for a consultation about your situation so we can get your property healthy and clean!