Quality Aire’s Specialized Flooring Removal Equipment

by Cheney Hines

flooring-removal-equipmentAny demolition company can tear up a floor. What is important in this scenario is the equipment they use. That affects the efficiency of the job, as well as any collateral damage to other surfaces in the house. A cheap company using the wrong tools could mean a much higher bill in the long run.

Flooring Removal equipment

Quality Aire uses some of the best flooring removal equipment from on the market — made by National Flooring Equipment — to make sure your floor removal is a smooth process. These specialized tools make quick work of taking up flooring material while doing minimal, if any, damage to other structures. That way, you are only replacing what needs to be replaced while being able to save what is still in good condition. Here are just some of the tools Quality Aire uses:

Adjustable Handle Scraper

This tool is great for smaller spaces while still giving a lot of power. It can handle carpet, ceramics, adhesives and other surfaces. In addition, the angle of approach can be adjusted, so we can go as deep or as shallow as required to get all the layers you need taken up. Because of this feature, less force has to be exerted, meaning there is a far less chance of causing unnecessary damage.

All Day Battery Ride-On Machine

If you have a larger surface area that needs to be removed, we love using our all day battery ride-on machine. It can last at least 8 hours on a charge, and because it doesn’t use any kind of fuel, you don’t have to worry about us leaving behind noxious fumes or odors. It is able to handle more kinds of flooring, including hardwood. And with safety features built right in, such as being inoperable without someone in the driver’s seat, you can rest assured that the job site is being managed safely.

Hydraulic Scraper

The hydraulic scraper is similar to the adjustable handle scraper, but much more powerful. The self-propelled machine can handle the worst soft surfaces, like gummy carpet, rubber tile, solid vinyl, roofing materials, sports surfaces and more. Its hydraulic system means faster completion times because it can easily move forward and backward. Speed and torque can be easily adjusted to the size of the flooring area you need removed, adding to the safety aspect of our job.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Scraper

This is the big brother of the hydraulic scraper and can handle even the toughest jobs. It is designed to cut through both soft and hard surfaces, like a hot knife through butter. Like the regular hydraulic scraper, the fact that this machine is self-propelled, both forward and backward, cuts down on the job time considerably. If you need the floor of a small space like a freezer or a bathroom removed, this is the tool we would use.

Without experience, operating this equipment can be extremely dangerous, both to the building and to you. If you need to get flooring removed in Phoenix or the surrounding area, be sure to contact Quality Aire today. We are experts in safely removing and disposing of unwanted flooring