How to Prepare for the Arizona Monsoon Season

by Cheney Hines

Arizona-Monsoon-SeasonThe Arizona Monsoon season — June through September — is coming for homeowners in the Southwest, and it is time to get ready. It is important to defend your home against the driving rain, pounding winds and environmental damage that can result every year from these weather events. Be organized and use a checklist to make sure the following areas are secured against monsoon conditions.


Make sure that all of your drainage areas are secured, free of debris and working effectively. This includes grates, basins and underground pipes. Inspect all areas and schedule regular cleanings to keep them free-flowing. If you have a homeowners association, make sure it is doing due diligence when it comes to common drainage systems, and work with your neighbors on areas between your homes.

Roofs and Gutters

Gutters and downspouts get clogged easily with twigs, leaves and dirt. Clear them with tools and your hands (be sure to wear gloves), and flush them with a garden hose. While you are on the ladder, visually inspect your roof for problems with loose or missing shingles or any debris that needs to be removed. Be sure that your chimney is solid and does not need to be re-pointed.

Surrounding Grounds

Make sure that any hills or slopes around your property are clear of loose gravel, stones, brush or even soil. These can create mudslides during a severe storm, which can deal a lot of damage to your property. Any concrete swales around your home should be checked for damage, cracks and leaf or silt clogs.

After The Arizona Monsoon Season

Your preparedness extends after a storm, to make sure that if and when the next one comes, you are ready for it as well. Check the surrounding grounds for erosion issues as well as cracks or settling problems and have these addressed right away. Repeat all of the steps above to make sure that your roofs, gutters, drainage and grounds are all intact and solid.

When you engage in landscaping, pay close attention to the way your property was originally developed and don’t disrupt the patterns of flow in your land. Check your retaining walls to keep them solid and sturdy.

Asbestos Removal

If your shingles or walls contain asbestos, it may be a good opportunity to call a qualified asbestos removal company. Once used commonly as an insulator and fire-proofing material, we now know that loose asbestos can be a serious health hazard which can be dislodged during a monsoon. Breathing in airborne fibers can create many health issues, from emphysema to cancer.

You should never attempt to remove this material on your own. Only a qualified abatement company is able to take care of the process without placing your or the surrounding environs in danger.

Do you have experience with locking down your home against a monsoon? We are interested to hear any thoughts, tips or tricks you might have to offer. Drop us a line in the comments section below and let’s discuss!