Quality Aire’s Specialized Flooring Removal Equipment


by Cheney Hines Any demolition company can tear up a floor. What is important in this scenario is the equipment they use. That affects the efficiency of the job, as well as any collateral damage to other surfaces in the house. A cheap company using the wrong tools could mean a much higher bill in […]

How to Safely Remove Asbestos Flooring


by Cheney Hines One of the most common home improvement activities out there is installing new flooring. You may want to replace an old tile floor with hardwood, or you may simply want to repair and reface your existing material. Many people do not realize, however, that there are risks involved with tearing up old […]

When and Why to do Air Quality Testing


by Cheney Hines Air quality concerns are not something many people think of in their everyday lives. The sheer variety of risks we face when driving, flying, working and playing are stunning. While there is not much we can do on a daily basis about air pollution as we go about our lives, we can […]