Mold, Asbestos and Homeowner’s Insurance

homeowner's insurance

by Cheney Hines Removal and abatement of asbestos and mold issues in the home can be costly and time-consuming, as well as stressful and inconvenient. Many homeowners will turn to their insurance companies to help offset these costs. Unfortunately, claims related to mold and asbestos damage can present a challenge. If the problems are not […]

Trauma Scene Cleanup: What You Need to Know

trauma scene cleanup

by Cheney Hines Warning: The following post may be graphic and emotionally disturbing to any who have recently been involved in a medical trauma event. In movies and TV when a violent crime has occurred, the scene often ends once the victim is hauled away in an ambulance. In the real world, that scene is […]

Opening up Walls for an Open Floor Plan: Toxins in Opening Walls

open floor plan

by Cheney Hines Remodeling your house is one of the great joys of home ownership. Unfortunately, there are many dangers inherent in this process of which many property owners are unaware and uneducated. While you are taking down walls to create an open floor plan, you may be releasing toxic and dangerous substances into the […]